Buckeystown Real Estate

    The Buckeystown Historic District includes the majority of the small town of Buckeystown, Maryland, an unincorporated community located in Southern Frederick County, Maryland. It is named for George Buckey, a tanner, and his brother, John Buckey, a blacksmith and tavern owner. Buckeystown is on the U.S National Register of Historic Places and the Maryland Civil War Trail due to its rich history and beautiful examples of Queen Anne and Victorian style houses. Buckeystown is located along Maryland Route 85, which leads north 6 miles to Frederick, the county seat, and south 5.5 miles near the Potomac River. The land Buckeystown now sits on was once called “Good Luck.” It began as a 400-acre parcel given to Meredith Davis by the King of England in 1731. The town grew due to the prosperity of several businesses which took advantage of the natural resources the location provided. Two mills were located along the Monocacy River, which runs behind the south side of town, the tannery and an ice creamery utilized a natural spring, The main thoroughfare, currently known as Buckeystown Pike or Maryland State Highway 85, was used during both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Soldiers marched through town towards decisive battles, following brave leaders including Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee. The small community of Buckeystown has several businesses including Hedgeapple Farm, the Buckeystown Market (a pub), the Frederick Inn Bed and Breakfast (formally known as The Inn at Buckeystown), Bodmers Stoves and Pottery, Maynes Farm, a convenience store and gas station, an antique store, two car clinics, a law firm and a veterinary hospital. Buckeystown Park, by the river on Michael’s Mill Road, provides residents with grills, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters and a jungle gym