While those in residential real estate give back to their communities in many ways, Troyce Gatewood — a realtorpix-of-t4g-check-moyer-3-8cc020-600x447 with RE/MAX Plus — decided to do something a little different. By creating Thanks4Giving, she is making it easy and more affordable to buy a home by providing major discounts and special resources from all those involved in the home buying process.

    Thanks4Giving is a network of Realtors, lenders, attorneys, and insurance agents that felt compelled to do something to give back to those that protect, serve, and care for our local community. Particularly, they sought to give back to members of the military, law enforcement officers, firefighters, nonprofit personnel, and teachers by providing them with a program to help make it easier for them and their families to buy a home.

    Our team of professionals have been hand-selected based on their respective participation in community service. We’re all very much community-conscious, and we understand the value that so many individuals offer to our local community. Together, we believe that we can combine our professionals’ services to provide a “thank you” offering to those who deserve so much recognition for their work in our community.

    lucas-pix-84fba7-600x410If you’re ready to buy a home, Thanks4Giving can assist you in your journey throughout the process.  As a token of our appreciation, we can provide you with the following services and benefits:kevin-t4g-pix-crop-1c5226-560x600

    Realtor: We will refund 25 percent of the realtor commission to you at the time of closing.

    Mortgage Lender: We will give you a $500 lender credit for the cost of appraisal for the home that you intend to buy.

    Homeowner’s Insurance Company: We will provide a discount and a gift at closing up to the amount that is permitted by the law.

    Title Company: We will give you a $350 discount, or homeowner’s warranty.

    Thanks4giving Website